Janesville GM Plant Starts New SUV Line

After cutting the work force to 1,000 to prepare the plant for a new line of SUVs, the Janesville General Motors plant is back up to 3,900 employees. But economics professor Robert Von der Ohe says sales have been down across the country.

Dr. Von der Ohe says that people still enjoy their large vehicles but after the shock of $100 fill ups consumers are now scaling down. The Janesville plant has not yet announced what their new SUV will look like but Dr. Von Der Ohe says it better be one of the smaller ones or production numbers may continue to decline.

Despite lingering questions, the outlook overall for the Stateline is a good one. Between hundreds of new jobs at the Chrysler plant in Belvidere and the new SUVs being produced in Janesville, our local economy should see a big boost.