Door to Door Scam

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Seven people on Rockford's southwest side are the victims of a scam and those responsible are still on the loose. The incidents have taken place over the past few days.

Rockford police say they are investigating a series of incidents where two suspects posing as water meter readers get into victims homes. Police say they've stolen money and personal item such as jewelry.

The scam artists target the elderly. To gain access to their victim’ homes, police say the men flash badges and say they need to check water faucets, making sure the water is clear. As one scam artist pretends to make his inspections the other looks for items to steal.

Police say the suspects are described as Hispanic males, wearing dark clothing and talking in broken English. Police say they may be driving a grayish blue car.

Employees of the Rockford Water Division and the Rock River Water Reclamation District say they always carry photo ID, have marked cars and most likely would call in advance to make an appointment.

Police are advising residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and ask to see proper identification before allowing anyone to enter your home. They say if you have any doubt, call the police.