Another Fire at a Rockford Residence Has Investigators Puzzled

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It was a case of rescue rendezvous for Cherry Valley and surrounding departments Tuesday morning, returning to the same scene, the same house fire on Whale Avenue for the sixth time in three years.

"During an outside operation, with an aerial pipe, we have to knock walls over to get in there. We had to knock out part of the floor to get in there, so it's going to be a tough one for them to determine," Deputy Chief Doug Edwards said.

This house fire, with no residents inside and total damage outside, will be much harder to figure out. Rescue crews say some utilities were turned on in the home, and guess heavy amounts of garbage and newspapers inside could have sparked the blaze. At this point, firefighters don't think arson or foul play was involved.

"We're going to look at everything, but at this point, obviously the homeowners that are involved, they're in a physical condition which makes them not even a suspect of something like that happening," Edwards said.

Despite this home's total loss, fire crews are thankful after several fires, no homes nearby suffered major damage.

"If that was my neighbor, I probably would be concerned about the damage, conditions of the house and the potential for damage to my property," Edwards said.

It’s one property now in need of a total makeover, as investigators make due with limited evidence and work to find the origin of the early morning fire.