Passers-by Help Rescue People From Fire

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Two Rockford families are homeless after a fire causes heavy damage to their apartment building. The fire broke out in the 600 block of North Rockton Avenue. The street was closed for several hours.

Christine Quandee and her children were sleeping on the ground floor of their apartment building as a fire above her began to breathe. She was unaware of the danger until people kicked in her door and got her and her family to safety.

Tim and Annette Hooker were driving by when they saw the smoke billowing from this house.

The Hookers along with Rodney Moreland then went inside to rescue them. By the time firefighters arrived everyone had been removed from the building.

The damage is estimated at nearly $22,000, a price Quandee says that doesn't compare to the debt she now owes the people who got her to safety.

The buildings owners have relocated the Quandees for the time being. Fire investigators are still trying to track down the occupants of the upstairs apartment where the fire started. They say finding them will help them shed light on how the fire started.