New Freeport Mayor Sworn In

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"Ladies and gentlemen of the city of Freeport, we will once again be a city on the move," George Gaulrapp said.

Freeport ushers in a new era, with the swearing in of new Mayor George Gaulrapp. In a brief two minute address, the new mayor pledged a new spirit of cooperation.

"I promise to create work environment at City Hall which is conducive to elevating employees’ performances, and for providing the best services to our customers, which is you, the citizens of Freeport," Gaulrapp said.

Gaulrapp's swearing in came after an emotional farewell from outgoing mayor Jim Gitz. He praised his City Council critics for making him a stronger mayor. Fighting tears, Gitz argued the only way for Freeport to advance is by its residents working together.

"I want you to know George that I wish you the best. I pledge my 100 percent cooperation, and I hope the transition to your administration has been eased by our working relationship," Gitz said.

Gaulrapp pledged to improve the city's overall look and its overall perception.

"In the next few weeks, you'll see a plan to clean up neighborhoods and city corridors, so when people visit Freeport, they'll see a city with pride," Gaulrapp said.

Citizens introduced to the man setting their city's agenda forward for at least the next four years.