Police Chief Search

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The last search for the Rockford Police Department’s Police Chief was 1997. That is when Police Chief Jeff Nielson stepped into the position. Thursday morning letters went out to 10 candidates and from that three are left to go through the final interview stage.

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners has three candidates all with extensive service to the Rockford Police Department. Within the next few weeks, the board will conduct some very in-depth interviews before making a final selection. The three candidates for Rockford Police Chief are Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro, Deputy Chief Steven Pugh, and Assistant Deputy Chief Jeffrey Morris. The commission will now conduct a final one on one interview.

Rockford Police Chief Jeff Nielson says all three are very qualified, but they must be able to balance political leaders, officers, and the community. Nielson also says that the new chief will also walk into an already high crime rate and a possible 10 percent budget cut.

The decision will be announced on Dec. 9. The new chief will take over in January.