Runaway Bride

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A Georgia bride-to-be apparently had no idea she'd been the focus of national media attention.

That's according to the minister who was supposed to officiate at the wedding of Jennifer Wilbanks and John Mason.

Wilbanks was reported missing Tuesday after she failed to return from an evening jog. Police say she traveled to Las Vegas and New Mexico after getting cold feet ahead of Saturday’s lavish wedding, which was to feature 28 attendants and 600 guests.

The Reverend Alan Jones says Wilbanks' fiancé bears her no "hostility" for the families' days-long ordeal. He quotes the groom-to-be as saying, "everybody has a right to make a mistake."

Jones reports the family has been experiencing "all kinds of emotions," but mostly they're relieved. In his words, "Jennifer is alive and we're all grateful for that."