Morrissey Begins the Journey as Mayor

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Mayor Larry Morrissey is back from Washington, energized after pushing across fresh city ideas on the federal stage.

"I had a great trip. It was a great opportunity to get out and meet our U.S. senators, and to make sure they and the rest of those in the federal government know our Rockford agenda," Morrissey said.

Speaking Wednesday night to Northwestern graduates, Morrissey described his discussions with U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama as professional and cooperative. The new mayor pushed for Rockford's inclusion in a transportation bill moving through Congress, especially in two of his three Big “R’s”: roads and rail.

"I told our senators and other federal folks while I was out there that Rockford's going to get its act together. We are going to make sure we're giving them a clear message of what our needs are, and we expect a very appropriate, powerful and positive response," Morrissey said.

Morrissey used a football analogy in his lobbying philosophy, arguing that if the city moves the ball 90 yards, then the state and federal level will gladly provide the final 10 yards, and score a touchdown for Rockford needs.

"It's not a one-time thing. We've got to be consistent, and we've got to be continuous, so it means we'll be back to Washington and Springfield making sure those folks know our issues too," Morrissey said.

It’s a new vision the city's new mayor made sure was heard loud and clear in the nation's capital.