Could He Have Been Saved?

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Police in Elgin, Illinois have released a chilling audiotape of a 9-1-1 call from a teenager desperate for help. Nineteen-year-old David Steeves had been abducted and was locked in the trunk of a car, fearing for his life.

Steeves didn't know exactly where he was, other than he had been on South Street when he was kidnapped. Steeves was missing for a week before his body was found in a car trunk here in Rockford at an apartment complex. He had been robbed and shot to death.

Here is the 9-1-1 tape:

Steeves: "My name is David Steeves. Please find me."
Dispatcher: "What is your name?"
Steeves: "I'm in trouble right now. David Steeves. I'm on, we're going fast, man. I'm in a trunk right now. I don't know where I'm at."
Dispatcher: "All right. Stay on the phone, man."
Steeves: "Oh, my God. You guys, please help me. Please help me. Oh,
my God. Please help me."

In another portion of the tape, 9-1-1 operators seem to have difficulty understanding Steeves and even thought his call may have been a hoax.

The police call is as follows:

Dispatcher: "Every time the caller tries to call the subject back he hangs up. He won't give us his name the way we can understand what he's saying. All he says is he's moving fast and traveling South Street in the trunk of a green Toyota Corolla, and then he hangs up. Call taker thinks it could be a prank, but isn't definite on it."

Elgin police say they diligently searched for Steeves' Toyota Corolla that night and several days afterward. Six days passed, and on April 14, David Steeves' body was discovered inside that same trunk at an apartment complex here in Rockford. He had been shot to death. The motive, say police is robbery. Two men have been charged with Steeves' murder.