Water Park Wars

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This summer it won't be just Rockford to offer some “splash-tastic” fun.

We have our own Caribbean beach close to home called Magic Waters. Come Memorial Day, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee will open Hurricane Harbor. Millions of gallons of fun can also be found to our south in Utica. The Grand Bear Lodge plans to open Illinois' first indoor water park resort in July. Magic Waters says they were ready for the water park warfare.

Magic Waters’ General Director Kim Adams-Bakke says, "Knowing competition is coming is good for us it makes us take a harder look at how we can be a better the water park for our guests."

Generally every four years new attractions are added. Last year Magic Waters guests entered “The Abyss.” This season the focus is on the small details to make a big splash.

Bakke says Magic Waters has perks that the other parks won't like free parking and you can bring your own food, opportunities that help make the most out of the family dollar.

Bakke tells 23 News, "People have the opportunity to ride every one of our rides in this park. I will admit the Splash Blaster people wait, but it's the only one of its kind in the Midwest."

And even though the water may be a little choppy this summer due to some extra competition Magic Waters still holds one title that no park this summer can steal. The park is still known as Illinois' largest water park.

Magic Waters is still looking for about 30 lifeguards. You can stop by the water park or the Rockford Park District's main office to apply.