New Residential, Commercial Possibilities in Northwest Rockford

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On Elmwood and Owen Center Road, construction and new homes are underway on one side of the street. Monday night, city leaders gave the go-ahead to transform the intersection's south side into a combination of residential and retail.

The annexation approved by City Council will allow for dozens of single-family homes across 177 acres. Also included would be 15 acres of commercial development, which alderman Bill Timm says could hold businesses such as a bakery or dentist's office.

Five acres are also planned for an assisted living facility. The next step for any proposed developer is applying for the site's plat to city planners, including lot designs, roads and utility infrastructure.

Timm says along with the new Wal-Mart on Owen Center and Riverside Road, new retail and economic development opportunities in northwest Rockford are coming together.

"We've been overlooked in this area and now we can say we're pretty proud of our ward. It looks nice and clean and we are doing all this economic development, and I think it's going to really help the whole west side of the river, not just northwest Rockford," Timm said.

Alderman Timm says the new Wal-Mart could also soon be home for 10 or 12 new businesses in the very near future.