Morrissey Sworn-In

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Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey’s title is now official. The independent was sworn into office at City Hall Monday night.

With his right hand raised, Larry Morrissey pledges to lead our city into its next chapter, a new journey, as he calls it, as he joins with a new City Council and our entire community to make Rockford better.

"We must all must work together if we intend to move this community forward," says Morrissey.

Moving forward by expanding business and economic development, reducing crime and truancy rates, are all jobs that Morrissey admits will not be easy.

"But I am not afraid. I am not alone. This is a journey we begin together," says Morrissey.

But embarking on a new road means another has come to an end. Rockford Mayor Doug Scott leaves the seat he's held for four years and a job of which he says he's loved every day.

"This job has reinforced what I already knew; this city is made up of determined, hard working people," says Scott.

And as the baton is passed, he wishes Mayor Morrissey luck in his term as mayor.

It’s a term that Morrissey said Monday night would be defined not just by what city leaders can accomplish, but by what we as a community can work together to achieve.