Firefighters Home From Service Overseas Honored in Homecoming Party

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Saturday night at Gaspo's Auto Inn, firefighters from local 413 revved up their compassion for two of their own who proudly serve and protect both the stateline and the United States.

Frank Speno and Tom Dummer had plenty of welcome home gifts, including some snazzy Rockford fire jackets. The two reservists spent seven months of service in Kuwait, assisting combat fighters with ammo, equipment and food.

Both firefighters say the party is indicative of the love and outpouring of support from local 413 during their time away.

Dummer and Speno credit their fellow firefighters for sending monthly care packages and caring for their families while overseas.

“There's just nothing quite like it. I mean, the Fire Department runs just like the military; take care of your family and take care of your own, and Rockford Fire's done a great job," Speno said.

"We're a big family, a family here at home and a family at work," Dummer said.