Tighter Restrictions for Teen Drivers

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A new study finds that teenage drivers are nearly forty percent more likely to get in an accident if they're driving with another passenger.

An Illinois State Senator is proposing a plan to combat this problem

When teenagers get behind the wheel, they are twice as likely as an older person to get in a car accident. Add a few passengers and the number skyrockets.

Illinois state Senator John Cullerton proposes that teens in Illinois only be allowed to have one passenger under the age of twenty in their car, unless an adult over the age of 21 is present.

But a drivers education instructor says that shouldn't be a complete road block. There's ways to get around it. He suggests a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. law restricting the number of teen passengers.

Senator Cullerton will have some time to make adjustments to his proposal. He's not planning on introducing the legislation until next spring.