Two Motels Closed Down by Courts

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A court battle to keep two Rockford motels known for drug trafficking and prostitution shut down comes to an end.

A 23 News investigation that started more than two months ago on the Six Penny Inn and Rockford Motel

The investigation found tax fraud violations which compromised the testimony of motel owner Mahabulbul Kabir. There was evidence a security company was operating with virtually no training and without a state license. The city also highlighted thousands of dollars in building code violations.

A Winnebago County judge ruled both motels will remain shutdown for the next year.

Both motels have been condemned by the city of Rockford and Winnebago County for hundreds of code violations.

Attorneys representing motel owner Mahabulbul Kabir will appeal the year long shutdown, saying the drug statute the city used to shut them down is unconstitutional.

The city of Rockford is considering criminal charges against the owners for renting unsafe rooms to the public.

No word yet on when or if the city will pursue those charges.