Job Market Outlook

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The job outlook for Rockford continues to be grim. That according to a survey released by Manpower Incorporated Monday

Manpower's survey examines the hiring intentions of area companies for the first three months of 2003, and the forecast is gloomy.

Milford resident Brandon Groth is searching for a clerical job in Rockford.

"Rough, you could say rough. It's real hard trying to find a job in the community,” says Groth.

He's been looking for over a year and filled out dozens of application, "Waking up hoping to find that someone called. It's frustrating. I just want to find a job and support myself and my family,” he adds.

Groth is not alone. The economy's been in a slump for months and war is on many minds. According to a survey released by manpower incorporated, only 10 percent of Rockford area companies plan hiring increases while 33 percent project reductions.

"Companies are having a wait and see attitude. They're not willing to make any commitments. Only 10 percent are willing to say they'll make more hirers,” says Ginnie Weckerly of Rockford Manpower.

Weckerly however says manpower is finding jobs for area residents, she says job seekers have to be patient, persistent and flexible.