City Strikes Deal on UPS Facility Expansion, Dozens of New Jobs

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On Monday, both Rockford's planning and development committee and then the full City Council votes to move forward with UPS' job and facility expansion.

The move ships in a new era for the company's relationship with the city.

The planning and development committee approved a resolution involving $1.3 million in tax incentives to help lure the $7.4 million project to Rockford.

Fifty new jobs will be added when the 70,000 square foot addition west of the current facility is completed next spring. Then, at least 10 more jobs are expected in the summer of 2007.

The facility expansion will handle heavy airline cargo above 150 pounds, providing a more convenient shipping option for area manufacturers. Company leaders label the expansion as a natural fit.

"Rockford has a great location for us located around Chicagoland area. It fits well with our existing air operation, our small package operation, so it works very well," UPS North Central Region Communication Manager Ron Sinclair said.

UPS' expansion possibility became possible after the shipping giant acquired the air freight company Menlo worldwide forwarding last December.