Police Raid Fails to Nab Suspect Wanted for First Degree Murder

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After eight hours, dozens of Rockford police and one house raid early Sunday morning, a suspect wanted for attempted first degree murder remains at large.

Rockford police swarmed a home on the 900 block of Kishwaukee Street around 7:30 Saturday night. There inside was believed to be 25-year-old Phonsavah Thammavongsa, wanted for attempted first degree murder in connection to the shooting of a police officer in North Carolina on April 11.

Police believed the man was inside after reports of a light flickering off and on from inside the home.

After hours of failed communication, authorities entered the home where at 3:30 Sunday morning, the raid ended with Thammavongsa nowhere to be seen.

Police believe the suspect snuck away during a one hour window of time after an acquaintance contacted police and before authorities arrived on scene.

"We don't like to go in if we don't have to but it come to a point where no communications is going on, you've got to take a risk and go in. Otherwise we'd be sitting there forever," Rockford Police Chief Steven Pugh said.