Arrests Made in Elgin Man's Murder

David Steeves made a 911 call from Elgin on the evening of April 8. He told Dispatchers that he had been kidnapped and forced into the trunk of his mother’s car.

Almost one week later, Steeves was found shot to death in that same trunk in Rockford. The men who did it are believed to be Robert Guyten and Armin Henderson.

Guyten was picked up by police on Wednesday for unrelated charges. Henderson was apprehended Thursday. The two have been charged with 27 crimes including aggravated vehicular hijacking, kidnapping and first degree murder. Motivation behind the murder appears to be money.

Steeves’ family has remained secluded in their house and has asked that they be given time to grieve in the privacy of their own home. They also added that they hope and wish that justice can fully be served.

David Steeves was 19 years old.