Body Found in Trunk

Elgin police say last Friday night around 9 p.m. David Steeves’ maid a 911 call from a cell phone. Steeves had been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of his own car.

Saturday on an Elgin sidewalk, a tennis shoe in a pool of blood was identified as belonging to Steeves. Thursday evening in the 4,200 block of Harrison Ave. Steeves’ car was found in the parking lot of an apartment building. In the trunk was the body of 19-year-old David Steeves.

Local police could not comment on how long the car had been parked there or if the body showed any signs of physical violence.

An Elgin police department news conference was also held Thursday night. Elgin Police identified 26-year-old Armin Henderson as the main suspect. Interviews with witnesses revealed that robbery was the most likely motive behind Steeves' kidnapping and apparent murder.