Passenger May Soon Return to the Greater Rockford Airport

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An offer may be on the table to restore passenger service at the Greater Rockford Airport. Now, a large-scale survey is ahead before passengers may be able to use the airport.

Rockford mayor Doug Scott has appointed a new air service task force to head the effort in the business community to attract passenger service. The task force will send out more than 5,000 surveys to businesses in a 15 county region over the next few days.

The surveys ask businesses how often they use air travel, where they fly to and what their annual expenditures are for air travel. The survey results will be key in creating a solid passenger base to bring passenger service back.

Questions still remain about the new plan to attract passenger service; it will take around three months for airport directors, the Rockford chamber of commerce and the Rockford area council of one hundred to tabulate the survey date. The question becomes will the airlines trust the data and how will it match up with major air travel hub Chicago O’Hare.

The Greater Rockford Airport supports five million passengers annually; 2.2 million people live within 45 minutes of the airport.