Children Left Home Alone

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The trial for the two Winnebago county parents charged with leaving their children home alone got underway Wednesday.

In March of 2000, Xavier and Donna Lewis left their five children at home while they were vacationing in New Orleans for a week.

The children were four, seven, eight, 11, and 13. The children were left by themselves in their Winnebago County home. That is until a school social worker heard about it, and called the police.

Police describe the home as filthy, with pet feces, dirty dishes, and the only room with a shower locked so the kids couldn't get in. Outside the house police found dead animals.

Eighteen-year old Tiffany Maroney agreed to look in on the kids as often as she could, which turned out to be in half-hour increments a couple of times. The children have been in foster care since this incident.

The Lewis's are charged with four counts of child abandonment and face up to a total of three years in prison.