Harrison Springfield Extension

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Getting around Rockford’s southwest side is a lot easier Friday after the completion of a major transportation project.

It's going to be Rockford’s new frontier, a clip of a ribbon and two years of construction bring new life and opportunity to Rockford’s west side.

As Harrison Avenue now runs from Montague all the way to west State Street.

"I've been watching this project for a long time. It's so needed and I'm so excited,” resident Janie Wilson-Cook says.

Wilson-Ccook says the $15 million extension effect her life everyday.

"I use Pierpont to cut across everyday to get to my office on Eleventh Street and now I can use it to go all the way to State Street to drop off my daughter at Auburn. It's so exciting,” Wilson-Cook adds.

While the road project will make life easier for residents living along Harrison and Springfield, county leaders say it will spur economic development along the corridor.

County officials estimate that about ten thousand vehicles a day will drive along the new extension by the year 2012 it could be closer to 20,000 cars.