Motel Shutdown Decision Goes to Judge

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Winnebago County Judge Janet Holgrem has taken into advisement, a decision to shut down two Rockford motels known for drug trafficking and prostitution.

Defense attorneys say taking the decision into advisement means Judge Holgrem will closely examine the legality of the city's case.

The defense team raised a number of constitutional concerns during trial.

They said owners offered city of Rockford police a room to monitor the drug and position problem, and that federal law was violated when managers were forced to rent rooms by credit card and check only.

But, the city is said to have the upper hand in the court battle.

They presented tax fraud violations a 23 News investigation uncovered that has comprised the testimony of motel owner Mahabulbul Kabir.

They've also supplied numerous witnesses and hundreds of pages of documents that show owners and managers continued to rent rooms to drug dealers and prostitutes so they wouldn't lose revenue.

A decision on a year long shut down will come Monday afternoon.

But that may not be the end of the battle.

The city says if they lose, they will seek other means of shutting the facilities down.

The defense says they may considering appealing if they lose.