Beautiful Weather Brings Out the Gardeners

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With increasingly balmy weather, more and more people are headed to the local home and garden store to put their green thumbs to work.

Those getting a jump on the season have been buying an increasing amount of landscaping shrubs and also colorful annuals for their gardens.

Though relatively easy to take care of, pansies, like most annuals, are very sensitive to frost. Despite the recent warm spell, the last night with frost in the stateline is usually around May 15.

So if you do decide to take advantage of the beautiful weekend ahead by planting annuals, you may want grab a frost sheet just in case, and, of coarse, you could hold off on the garden and work on the lawn.

Either way, the pleasant weather will allow many lawn and garden options this weekend. If you need any gardening or lawn care advice you can call 987-HELP and talk to a master gardener.