In the Boots of a Firefighter

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Some young men and women were invited to the North Park Fire Department Thursday night to learn what being a firefighter is all about. It's part of the Explorer Program, an arm of the Boy Scouts.

Everyday scenarios like this entanglement drill are what explorers practice on. Firefighters say it saves lives.

For firefighters to make it out of a real scenario like this, in full gear and tangled in wires they must remain calm and remember to breathe. Knowledge gained only through practice.

This is all part of the career education program called the Explorers. Young adults ages 14 to 21 can learn what life as a volunteer firefighter would be like.

Lt. Speer says the most important thing for Explorers to remember is that teamwork is key.

If you're interested in learning more about this Explorer post you can call the North Park Fire Department at 636-3051.