Tip Line Hopes to Stop School Related Problems Before They Even Start

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Police and school leaders believe the Oregon School District Tip Line corrects and prevents discipline and violence problems, one phone call at a time.

Police hope the tip line will give parents, students or residents an anonymous outlet to raise concerns. Those worries can be anything from loud parties, alcohol abuse, or more serious student violence issues.

Before last month's bomb incident at Oregon High, these types of problems seemed minor, but not now.

Police think had the tip line been in place, they could have intervened and stopped the explosions, which have shaken complacency out of this small farming community.

"Unfortunately, we just didn't think of it a couple of weeks before that. I truly believe we probably would have gotten some information, but it reinforced the fact that there is a need for this in our community, and hopefully everyone sees the need and uses it appropriately," Oregon Police Lt. Darin Dehann said.

Oregon Superintendent Todd Prusator says the March bomb scare gives a new sense of reality, where talk may not always be just talk.

You can call the Oregon District 220 Tip Line at (815) 732-2226.