Rockford School Board Discusses Superintendent's Fate

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Over the course of the last few years, controversy has swirled around the Rockford School Board and the District's Superintendent, Dr. Alan Brown. Tuesday night, the board began the process of looking over the superintendent's contract.

It's been a long process. The School Board meeting started more than an hour and a half late because of a closed-door session in which the board discussed the fate of Dr. Brown. After four hours of debate the board decided not to take action tonight.

Dr. Brown has been with the district for two and a half years. His contract is set to expire this summer.

Since Brown has come to work for the district, the board has been plagued with several issues. Social promotions are just one example. Several students were pushed ahead to the next grade level after receiving failing grades. There have also been test score scandals and financial budget problems.

School Board President Mike Williams was at the closed-door meeting and says it has been a very long night.

A date has not yet been set for the board to meet again to discuss Dr. Brown’s contract.