Rockford's 14th Ward Election

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The face of the Rockford City Council could soon be changing. There are six contested seats in the April election. Here’s a look at the candidates hoping to represent the 14th Ward.

Businessman Frank Giammarese and incumbent Dan Conness are fighting for votes in Rockford's 14th Ward.

Conness has represented the ward for 12 years. He says he knows what the people want because his constituents are his priority.

"Make sure you return the phone calls of the people you represent at City Hall. That's something I've worked hard on," says Conness.

When people complained about the condition of Harrison Road, Conness held off on repaving in order to fix it the right way.

"We took heat for a long time not repairing that road, but we waited long enough to get a $7 million grant from the federal government, so now Harrison will be completely reconstructed between Alpine and Mulford," says Conness.

But while waiting may have worked in Conness’ favor this time, his opponent says, if elected, he would be more aggressive.

"We need to move forward. We can't wait anymore. We need to be a city like other cities. I think the people in this community deserve it. The people in this city deserve it," says Giammarese.

Giammarese says creating a small business affairs committee would be tops on his agenda. It would be made up of local entrepreneurs throughout the city who would volunteer their time to help other small businesses grow.

"To show them the ropes to get through City Hall; to clean out some of that red tape," explains Giammarese.

Both Conness and Giammarese say they'll continue to hit the campaign trail hard through Election Day, trying to convince voters they're the best man for the job.

Conness says if re-elected he would like to raise fines for speeding in residential areas.

Giammarese says he would focus his attention on economic development and area businesses.