Ward 4 Choices

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23 News continues to meet with candidates running to obtain a seat on the Rockford City Council.

In Ward 4, which is the extreme NE part of Rockford, it's a choice between current Republican alderman David Johnson and Democratic candidate Carl Wasco. Johnson has held the seat since 1983 and currently serves as the Winnebago County clerk. Wasco is a broker and has an extensive background in real estate. Wasco says his constituents worry about storm water, garbage and lighting.

Wasco says, "The other thing we need to address out here is police and fire. With growth past the toll way we are in need of new fire stations and other police patrols, and we still have to address that within the budget.”

Johnson says his top priority right now is safe water. Two of the wells in his ward have high radium levels.

Johnson says, “We need to take care of that problem as soon as possible. It’s no secret who is going to have to pay for that, obviously all of us. Let’s get these five wells fixed as soon as possible, get it on like a water tax bill and then take it off like we did before.”

Wasco says he wanted to run because he was tired of all the negative vibes he's been picking up throughout Rockford.

Wasco says, "My whole campaign is about having a positive attitude, a willingness to work with my fellow alderman to make it better for economic growth."

Johnson says he didn't think he would be around serving the community as long as he has but describes his longevity as a blessing.

Johnson tells 23 News, “I thought do I want to give it up, but I enjoy it. I’ve seen people in the years serve a term or two or three and loose their fire. That’s one thing I can say is that I haven’t lost the fire.”

Johnson says if re-elected, he will continue to hold the position as Winnebago County clerk. If Wasco wins, he would resign from his position as president of the Rockford Housing Authority Board of Directors. He says he doesn't want to hold two government jobs at the same time.