Stephenson County Deputy Cuts

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Layoff notices for 11 county deputies are pending a Stephenson County board vote set for the end of November.

But Sheriff Dave Snyders says he was not notified of the layoff notices, and they were sent out before the county board has discussed the cuts.

At least 16 layoff notices sent last week to sheriff's deputies in Stephenson County.

At least 11 positions set for termination by Dec. 13.

Sheriff Dave Snyders says the cuts would cripple the department. Forcing the shutdown of the dare program, investigators, canine units, and swat team.

And only allow for one patrol deputy during the day, three at night.

Snyders says he never received notification that the layoff letters we're being sent out.

County Board Chair Boyd Boyer told 23 News the notices are pending a final board vote, that the county has to give 30 days notice before layoffs, and that the county can't afford an extra months pay for the 11 positions.

The Stephenson County board will discuss the cuts Tuesday night, take a full vote on them on Nov. 27.

If the vote passes, the layoffs would be effective Dec. 13.