1/4 of Violent Crime is Domestic Related

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – When it comes to the numbers, the city of Rockford is seeing less crime compared to last year. One figure still has city leaders alarmed, the fact that a quarter of the city’s most serious incidents are domestic violence related.
There have been 129 violent crimes in Rockford according to the Winnebago County Violent Crimes Task Force, 32 of which have been domestic related.

There are some plans to get that number down. Faith leaders around the Stateline did on training session on how to help families in their churches. Another is planned for later this summer. Police are also going to less calls for shots fired and aggravated battery. That’s down 46%.

"Any specific person on any given night can see something that’s out of line with what their expectations are and I fully understand that but the data is the data. We’re looking at it from all of our law enforcement partners and were going to be as critical as we can, make sure we are as accurate as possible but ultimately we are very proud of these results,” said Mayor Morrissey.

The Rockford Police Department says the numbers they talked about today should be posted on their website in the next couple days. City leaders cover Rockford’s crime statistics every month at their CompStat meetings. They’re open to the public and the next one is June 11.

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