Two Captured After High Speed Chase

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A high speed chase from Cedarville in Stephenson County came to an end on Rockford’s west side.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police say two men were spotted taking thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from a gas station in Cedarville. Stephenson County police pursued the car as it headed east on Highway 20. Speeds reached 100 miles an hour when the pair crossed into Winnebago County.

Authorities in pursuit reported the two were tossing out cartons of cigarettes while trying to outrun the cops. The two entered Rockford on west State Street and lost control of the car at 624 Atwood near Ingersoll Golf Course, but not before plowing through a fence, bouncing off a house and slamming into a second fence.

After a foot chase the two were arrested by Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police.
The two have been taken back to the Stephenson County Jail.

Thirty-two-year-old Terrence McNeil is charged with burglary theft, criminal damage to property and fleeing to allude authorities. The passenger, 40-year-old Dwight Young, was also charged with burglary, theft and criminal damage to property.