Two Dozen Wanted Fugitives Arrested

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Two dozen wanted fugitives are behind bars Monday night. An early morning raid at Rockford public housing complexes led to the arrests.

On the list of 24 fugitives, most of them are wanted for felony drug and weapon related offenses, but now they're all behind bars, awoken Monday morning by federal and local officials who announced that the raid had been in the works for more than a month.

"Working with U.S. marshals and HUDD, we developed a list of people we went after and got a list of where they'd be today," explains Rockford Police Chief Steve Pugh.

The raid began at 5:30 Monday morning. More than 50 federal, state and local officers spread out in teams to each of Rockford's public housing units.

"We hit the addresses, and we were very successful," says Pugh.

Rockford Housing Authority director Lewis Jordan says the arrests will send a message that public housing complexes are not a safe haven for criminals, as well as ensure the safety of the vast majority of residents who are law abiding citizens.

"By no means should these arrests reflect the good men and children who live in public housing," says Jordan.

Law enforcement officials say they'll continue their efforts in the complexes and anticipate that future arrests will be made.

Police also arrested two other people, not wanted on warrants, during Monday's raid. They were charged with possession of a controlled substance.