Rockford Housing Developments

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Flowers will soon be blooming in Rockford, and so too will new homes and homebuyers.

Dennis Sweeney of the Rockford Homebuilder's Association says he's expecting this year's Parade of Homes to be a tremendous success.

"I think our Parade of Homes will be larger than last year, when we had 62 model homes. There's a lot of interest, many builders doing multiple entries," says Sweeney.

Current growth is heading predominantly in one direction, to the west.

"There are three developments in the works off Montague Road," says the manager of current planning for the City of Rockford, Todd Cagnoni.

Cagnoni says the city has made a number of infrastructure improvements over the last few years to areas on the west and northeast side. As property values continue to rise on the city's east side, Cagnoni says it's a natural progression for people to start building foundations on the west side.

One hundred ninety acres is also being developed on Owen Center and Elmwood Roads about a quarter mile from the new Wal-Mart on Riverside.

"It used to be that building was limited to the east and northeast end of county, but now people are building houses everywhere. It's a healthy market to attract a buyer," says Sweeney.

It’s a sunny outlook for Rockford that's bringing some spring cheer to the community.

The Parade of Homes will run from July 16 through the 24th. Builders have until March 31 to sign up.