Stateline Mom Files Lawsuit Over WI Police Shooting

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Cynthia Easley says her son, Chris, did not have to die. Chris Easley was fatally shot by a Geneva police officer who says Chris lunged at him with a knife.

Cynthia Easley had called police that October day in 2000 because her son was harming himself. She says Chris was a cutter who used self-inflicted mutilation to cope with his emotions.

She says police could have used other means to subdue her son.

Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss ruled that the shooting was justified.

Easley's first lawsuit was dismissed in August because of untimely discovery and motions. An appeal failed.

The new lawsuit is different because it names a single officer who was in charge the evening Chris Easely was shot. Like the first, this lawsuit alleges officers failed to appropriately intervene and prevent the shooting.