Bring Troops Home

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In anti-war demonstrations around the world and one right here in Rockford, the message is the same. There is still disgust toward President Bush and the anger over the war in Iraq.

At a non-violent protest, the signs say it all. On this second anniversary of the Iraq invasion the message coming from many stateline residents is to bring the troops home.

Beth McGowan says, "We're very concerned about how they are doing, whether or not they are well protected. We want them home because we want them safe."

Stanley Campbell says, "Iraq is going to be able to take care of themselves if we pull out now, then we can show them that we don't want their oil, we don't want to occupy their country."

On this day of reflection the group discussed how it would be beneficial to change the age that men and women can enlist in the military. It was suggested that the age should be 21, not 18.

Stanley says, "A lot of people that are here have kids, and they are concerned about the draft and concerned about kids being recruited out of high school."

Many also say their position on whether or not we should even be in this war has changed.

Beth tells 23 News, "It seems people supported the war when it began, but as it has gone on it's been less and less what we thought it was going to be."

President Bush used his weekly radio address to reiterate that liberty and freedom in the United States depends on liberty in other lands. President Bush thanked the actions of U.S. soldiers forging alliances with Iraqi people to support a new government, saying he knew of their sacrifice. The president also noted the hopeful signs across the Middle East.