Winnebago County States Attorney Debate

The main theme of the US Presidential race may be change, but in a local States Attorney race, the key phrase is experience. Both Republican primary candidates for the Winnebago County States Attorney's race can boast some unique experiences and in today's debate at Forrest Hills Country Club in Rockford current State's Attorney Phil Nicolosi and former Assistant States Attorney Chuck Prorok gave examples of why they feel their experience matters.

Phil Nicolosi commented, "Within the first ninety days, I implemented my five point gun crime initiative that really strongly resonated in the community so much so that I was invited to meet with the department of justice and the FBI and the US Attorney's Office when they entertained a group from Chicago to come in and talk about exactly that."

Meanwhile, Chuck Prorok commented, "He never prosecuted a first degree murder case, never prosecuted a rape case, and he never prosecuted a burglary case in fact he never prosecuted any felonies at all. Why does that matter? because the attorney's in the State's Attorney's Office prosecute those types of cases and they ought to have a State's Attorney who has experience doing just that."

The two will be on the ballot for all Winnebago County voters at the February 5Th primary

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