Congress Discusses Steroids

CAPITOL HILL (AP) -- Testimony is under way as Congress looks into steroid use in baseball.

Baseball's commissioner is among those testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the Mitchell Report, which alleged that more than 80 players had used performance-enhancing drugs.

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell outlined his inquiry this morning, and said it's now up to baseball's officials and players to decide how they'll move forward.

Other lawmakers echoed Mitchell's sentiments about figuring out what's next for baseball.

Committee chairman Henry Waxman says baseball had been slow in the past to responding to allegations of steroid use.

Commissioner Bud Selig says he agrees with the conclusions reached in Mitchell's report and criticisms of the league, the union and the players.

He's vowing to develop a program subjecting top Major League prospects to drug testing before the amateur draft.

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