Asphalt Plant Approved

With limited seats.. Neighbors living near the Mulford Quarry continue to stand up for what they believe in...Keeping a proposed Asphalt plant away from their homes. but Monday night that decision is left to Alderman to decide..8 of 13 Alderman voted yes.. to putting an Asphalt plant in the Mulford Quarry ..The decision has been debated and delayed for five months.. But Monday the Alderman for the area where the plant will go wanted to move ahead... He feared pushing the vote back again.. would make it more likely to pass.Doug Mark was one of the Aldermen not persuaded by Conness and area neighbors.. he says he supports Rockford blacktop's proposal as along as the 20 guidelines the city devised are followed... the bylines regulate traffic in and out of the plant... hours of operation and the biggest issue for neighbors - pollutant emissions. Neighbors say the plant has put them over the edge. But to determine whether the plant is a good fit for a now “puzzled “neighborhood.. Only time will tell.