Three Teens Arrested After Bombs Explode Near School

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Police say it was two students that set off the chemical bombs at Oregon High School today. They also say a third student taught them how.

The two students who set off the explosions were caught by the guidance counselor shortly after the fact. When police question the two, they gave them the name of the third student involved. Police found a backpack belonging to on the first students that contained pipe bomb making materials. They also found a pipe bomb with no explosives in it inside a classroom.

Students say the suspects had bragged about making homemade bombs in the past. Unfortunately no one was notified. The school and police alike joined to search over the school three separate times.

The tree students are being held on charges of possession of explosives. Police say they will be searching the students' houses for more explosive materials.

There will be a detention hearing tomorrow to determine if the students will be release into their parents' custody or sent to a juvenile detention facility.