Home From Iraq

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It’s hard to imagine the situations our brave men and women in uniform are experiencing, but one local soldier and father is sharing his experiences with students at Christian Life School.

Staff Sgt. Larry Goodrich spent a year on the sands of the Mideast thousands of miles away from his wife and three young sons.

"Seeing my family again was amazing," says Goodrich.

Now the former Christian Life teacher is sharing his Iraq experiences with young students who he says kept him safe on the battlefields.

"Tons of them have prayed for me. My sons would tell me, 'dad, people are praying for you at school,' and I would say, 'great, keep it up; it's working.' It's great to come back and thank them for their prayers, for keeping me in their thoughts and prayers," says Goodrich.

Sgt. Goodrich hopes that by talking to students about war and displaying various items gathered abroad he will help them realize that war isn't just about battle.

"Whenever they think about war, they think about fighting. War happens for a reason. We're there to make it better," says Goodrich.

You can see the joy in the eyes of Sgt. Goodrich's nine-year-old son Luke who is thrilled to be back in his father's arms, his biggest hero.

"He's awesome," says Luke Goodrich.

It’s a sentiment students and teachers at Christian Life share as well.

Sgt. Goodrich arrived home last month. He'll go back to work as a fifth grade teacher at Nelson Elementary next week.