Pothole Problems

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Now that the roads are cleared the snow can no longer hide a major hazard on the road. It's that time of the year that we have to steer our way through a thud instead of any ice or snow. As the snow removal comes to a halt and as long as the forecast holds true, by Thursday, the City of Rockford Public Works Department will go into a full pothole patching mode.

We have the perfect breeding ground for potholes due to such a soggy January and the fact that we have had several freeze-thaw situations. Most of the concrete roads that were constructed over the last five years are okay. It's the older roads that are filled with bumps. The best advice is to be careful and watch where you are driving. But if our car gets damaged from a pothole who is responsible for the damage? Bill Morr with the Rockford Public Works Department says, “If we had known about it for some time and didn’t do anything about it we would be liable. But there really aren’t any designated potholes in Rockford.”

If you are not observant on the road it could be a very costly time. The unexpected bumps can damage tires, rims or even suspensions. That is just a few of the many ways chuck holes can damage our car and take a chunk out of our wallet. Mechanics at Butitta Brothers say the repair bill from these jolts can be anywhere from $200 to $5,000.

It's best to report any potholes you might find. The city has set up a Pothole Hotline at 964 - 4653.