Bring Back 7th Hour

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Two years ago the Rockford Public School district cut back the academic day in the high schools. Last year the middle schools got rid of the 7th hour to save money, but that is 60 minutes some parents say is precious time.

In the midst of arts day when many others are recognizing and promoting our creative youth, parents wonder why the Rockford School District is holding them back.

Parent Jeanne Westholder says, "We hope that they will take a second serious look at reinstating 7th hour and using creative ways financially to help that happen."

Flinn Middle School President Laura Powers says, "They seem to be finding money to reinstate a lot of things. We feel that this will pay back threefold to the community."

Already 900 signatures have been submitted to the board. Those that sign the petition want the 7th hour brought back to the schools. Parents say it's not fair to the students who are forced to choose between science and the arts.

Laura says, "To be able to offer foreign languages and visual arts is very important to parents. Many are struggling to get what's best for their kids."

Jeanne tells 23 News, "The arts I don't consider extra, I consider them basic to life."

PTO officers from all 10 secondary schools have the petitions since they all believe the 7th hour is imperative.