Inaccurate Test Results

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A clear message is sent from the Rockford School Board. State test scores remain low and determining previous scores may not be possible.

The school board now has the survey results in hand.

State mandated tests scores stamp schools for their quality of education.

More than 20 schools in the Rockford School District are on the academic watch list.

And even if there were improvements in last years test scores, the accuracy of those numbers is unlikely.

Dr. Harvey Smith from northern Illinois University conducted the Stanford test results survey. Smith says two serious flaws in test result data exist.

First, he says there is no accuracy in year-to-year test result comparison, which means it will be next to impossible for the district to track the progress of students.

Secondly, a key file with student test score information is missing from last year. That is raising serious questions about test score results from last year.

Superintendent Doctor Alan Brown says the board will forward the Stanford test score results to staff members for evaluation.

He also says the district will take steps for improvements with test databases and student identification problems.

This could take quite some time because staff members will have to fully look over the results before any changes are made.