Ice Overflow Concerning Residents Alongside Rock River

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Behind her home of 30 years, Machesney Park's Sue Perry has an ice problem that refuses to evaporate.

"This year, it's worse than it has been in past years. I think the last time it was this bad was 10, 15 years ago," Perry said.

Last week's rainy, 40-degree weather melted down most of the frozen Rock River. Now, large ice blocks are in motion and overflowing into Perry's and her neighbors’ backyards.

"Pretty soon we'll have some stuff getting wrecked because the ice is going to start damaging pilings under one guy's house and the ramps and docks in the river. The ice creates a lot of damage," Perry said.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department was called to monitor Perry's and other residents’ backyards. However, both the department and neighbors admit it's tough to stop the river and Mother's Nature's course.

"It's created a skim of ice and it's jamming up underneath the bridges. As the ice jams up, it piles through, it builds its own dam, so it's really hard for the water to flow through," Perry said.

Perry says she'll keep a watchful eye for her and other neighbors’ property, but is still nervous about the Rock's icy potential.

"It's not just us. You look at Blackhawk Island and lower places down further. They are going to get us; let's hope no one gets hurt in this."

It’s a fast moving problem alongside the Rock River.

Officers at the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department tell 23 News that if they have any concerns about the ice overflow in the Rock River to call 987-5800.

If overflow problems become emergencies the department then gets the Emergency Services Disaster Agency, or ESDA, into action.