County Board Says Yes to Impact Fees

With signs in hand, people filled the Winnebago County board room to show their support either for or against impact fees. Both sides of the fence showed up, but there was a stronger showing of those who would like to see schools funded by the fees.

The final tally on the vote was 14 to 12 in favor of allowing school districts to use impact fees. Those against the fees say that this is a weak effort towards a solution and that impact fees will not solve local schools' problems.

Referendums they say would be a better solution for school funding, but many areas have been unable to get proposed referendums passed.

The majority of the room was happy with the result of the vote. Those who are not say sooner or later we will feel the ramifications of increasing the costs of new homes.

Discussion about the fees will now go from the county board to the School Board.