Maintenance Workers Make Concessions

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Saturday, the Rockford Building Maintenance Association in which 190 custodians belong to made concessions.

Since July, the custodians have been working without a contract. As of last Tuesday, Rockford Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson recommended that the board vote “yes” to outsource through SBM Maintenance contractors.

SBM says they can save the district $3 and half million. RBMA members met Saturday and voted 145 to 15. Members voted in favor of $2 million in concessions through wages and insurance benefits over the next three years.

RBMA President Jeff Phelen says, “We’re here to stay. We want to stay. We want to keep our union brothers working.”

Workers tell 23 News that they hope this shows the board that they are willing to work with the district. The next negotiating session is set for this Wednesday.