Family Works to Keep Murderer in Prison

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Robert Lower is serving a 100 to 150-year prison sentence, but now he's up for parole for the 14th time. The Didier family and the Rockford community are working once again to keep this man behind bars.

"It opens up a deep wound in the depths of my family's hearts that I think will always be there."

Every three years, Joey's brother, Dr. George Didier, has to relive a piece of the trauma his family endured in March of 1975 as Robert Lower pleads for his release. Dr. Didier says Lower is extraordinarily naive.

"Lower is what we call a predator-hunter pedophile. He hunts for children to kidnap, and the issue becomes more sadism and aggression. He's naive in understanding the depth of his disturbance," says Didier.

The Dider family is once again collecting signatures to hand over to the prisoner review board scheduled to meet at the end of the month. Dr. Didier says Lower needs to remain under lock and key so he won't have another opportunity to hurt our most precious resources: children.

"Listen to your own instincts about wanting to preserve the safety of our children, and not doing it in an aggressive way, but containing people who can't contain their impulses," said Didier.

Winnebago County State's Attorney Paul Logli says he has every reason to believe that Lower's parole will be denied.

"When someone has been involved in several sexual assaults of children, attacked children, abducted and murdered a child, I don't think there's a second chance. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison," says Winnebago County State’s Attorney Paul Logli.

In a Rockford Register Star article, Lower says he wants to be freed so he can help other sex offenders.

"My response to that if you want to help people, we'll send plenty of them to you in prison. You can help them in prison," says Logli.

The Didier family is in the process of collecting the petitions from around 80 businesses in the Rockford area. The petitions will be brought to Springfield next week.