Tourism Boost

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Trying to stay competitive is the biggest challenge for any tourism industry, so Rockford is bringing in three new events to help separate the Forest City from the rest of the Midwest.

A new downtown location with three new events to promote is a brief look at the year ahead for the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. This year we can expect to see many first time guests in our town.

The RACVB announced that for the first time ever we will host the 2005 Intercollegiate Bowling Championship. The top 16 men's and women's teams in the country compete on national television.

Jeanne Klescewsk with the United States Bowling Congress says, "We try to go to a variety of local places. We choose places that are easy to get in and out of. We look for a place that has hotel accommodations, a place that can accommodate banquet facilities and support from the community."

Our Midwest city is also the place many law enforcement agencies will gather. April 11 and 12 Rockford will host for the first time ever a tourism and event security seminar. And for those at the RACVB a conference in September could really help promote the Forest City. Tourism professionals from nine states will be in town.

Wendy Perks Fisher, President of RACVB tells 23 News, "It’s a great time to show visitor attractions to colleagues who really like I cross over. They will send people here and we send people there."

An event that has provided over $1 million to our community is back. The Illinois Kids Wrestling event will return in March. This major economic impact event may be a part of our community until 2011.

The three new events will bring in almost $400,000 to Rockford.